Wireless link bundling?

Is it possible to bundle 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless ? I run the Asus RT-AC51U in my sons room as a bridge from wired to ethernet. No AP. I know it is crappy AP, but it was cheap.
on 2.4GHz, I get like 50/50 Mbit speed.
on 5GHz it can download 200Mbit, but upload is 1.5Mbit.

Is there a way for me to bundle the 2 WiFi interfaces for speed ? Or use 5GHz for download and 2.4GHz for upload ?

I know I could connect the 2x WiFi to different subnets, and use routing. But then I would possible use some broadcast/discovery, so the TV might not see the media server.

Another suggestion to myself, can I use IPtables to force all upstream traffic through a specific interfaces ? That would solve the issue with the very weak uplink.

I am also considering just using it as a switch. Just find a way to get a cable into the room

You cannot have both links in the same broadcast domain, it will cause a loop and render the network useless.
Routing would be the only workaround with its disadvantages in terms of broadcast/discovery of media players.

No because the routing decision is not made by iptables. Moreover if you are not routing, iptables cannot help, you'd need ebtables, which also won't help with routing decisions.

You can create two links between the routers, but do not bridge those links together or with your existing networks, or you will create a loop as @trendy warned.

Linux can do channel bonding, but I could not make it work with two wireless interfaces. I could bond two GRE tunnels, one inside wireless link. However, in practice it did not work any better that using just one channel, and it required lots or manual labor, so I abandoned the idea.

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