Wireless lan did not use the wireguard tunnel

Problem: When I changed my VPN router from using OpenVPN to Wireguard my wifi connected devices didn't pass their traffic through the Wireguard tunnel.
Solution: I fixed this by removing and reinstalling the wireless interface.
I thought I would mention this slight issue in case anyone else stumbled over it too.

I recently built a vpn router for a home network. The hardware is a 2gb Raspberry Pi 4. I set it up and configured it pretty much just with LUCI. It is just a simple bridged ethernet and wifi LAN routed out to the WAN through the Openvpn tun device.

All was going well with Openvpn so I decided to use the Wireguard tunnel instead. I just brought down the Openvpn instance and brought up the Wireguard tunnel. Ok, I admit it took me 2 or 3 goes before I was convinced there were no leaks but pretty soon my network seemed to be all exiting in Switzerland and I could do a system admin dance.

I am very happy with this whole Open WRT 'thing' and wish I had played with it before. I suppose when I was a 'real' system admin WRT was not mature enough to replace the Cisco kit.

As I usually use ethernet connected machines at home it took me several days to realise that the smart phones in the house were not routing through the VPN at all but going straight out of the WAN, unencrypted.
The fix, after a bit of pointless fiddling through LUCI's menus was to remove the wireless setup completely and reinstall it from scratch. I suppose I did not do things in quite the sequence that LUCI expected.