Wireless is turned off after installing Openwrt on Archer C7

I've just tried installing openwrt to my Archer C7 V5 using the web interface and renaming the openwrt file to factory.bin, and after the device has rebooted, the only lights on the device are that the power is on and there is an internet connection. The wifi is turned off and I can't get it to turn on. I also am only working from a macbook pro, so I have no way to connect to the device with an ethernet wire. Is there anyway to get this device working or is it bricked?


if internet's working, it's not very bricked, is it ?

I had to log in using the internet browser on my TV as it's the only device that still has a connection for a wired ethernet cable, otherwise I'd be completely out of luck. Isn't it a bit silly that wireless is turned off by default after installing Openwrt?

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No. It isn’t secured until you secure it.

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You need wired ethernet to configure OpenWrt (at least for the first time, after every factory reset and in all cases that involve trouble shooting in any way), if your notebook does not have native ethernet support, a usb2ethernet adapter (starting around 5 bucks for a very crappy one) is strongly recommended.


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