Wireless interface switches from 5,66GHz to 6,61GHz randomly and stops working

Hi, i got a problem with my Asus RT-AX53U on latest 22.03.5 firmware.
The wireless interface randomly stops working. I got wifi configured on channel 132 80MHz wide, as i live in a apartment block - almost all the other channels are busy. It works beautifully, all my devices connect and have good speeds - until something happens with the router and wireless interface 'switches' to 6ghz(?) i dont really know what its doing, but it goes from 'Channel: 132 (5.660 GHz) to 'Channel: 132 (6.610 GHz' and all my devices lose connection at the same time.
I can fix this by rebooting router, or changing to any other channel (any works, be it 100 or 144) but the issue persists even on different channels (router adds around 1GHz to the set value) - and happens randomly. Sometimes works fine for a day, sometimes will stop working after 5 mins of reboot.
Is there any reasoning for this behavior?
Screenshots: imgur

DFS channel issue ?

i know basics of how DFS works; i dont know but it seems like its some other kind of a problem, i dont understand how can it switch to a channel that doesnt exist - theres channel 133 nearby at 6.615 GHz, wikipedia shows that ch 132 doesnt exist at 6GHz band

How are you checking the channel, when the router switches?

Via status like on screenshot. My phone doesn't detect the WiFi after it "switches" to 6.6ghz, even though im checking in WiFi Analyser app (which detects my neighbours networks normally)

that is just in luci, this device cannot work at that frequency.