Wireless Gigabit Speed BPI-R3

I've bought a BananaPI-R3 to use as a router, but I can't get it to run more than 300Mbps on my laptop (I've covered some details on the bpi forum post asking the same question).
Some info that can be easily handed that are on that post.

  • My laptop has an AC wireless interface.
  • I've tried 160mhz and 80mhz width, both with the same result.
  • Cable is reaching 900mbps~ down and 500mbps up.
  • Laptop is about 1 meter close to the R3, and I've tested the connection on an Archer A7, since the archer is 'weaker' the result was about 50Mbps slower than the R3 (not really sure if that was the actual reason).
  • The only configuration other than setting up the Wi-Fi 2.4/5Ghz was enabling the 'Software flow offloading'.