Wireless Extender with D-Link DSL-2750U rev C1, low speed

Hi Folks.

I have an old DSL modem - D-Link DSL-2750U rev C1, that was lying around unused for a while. I thought of repurposing it as a Wireless Extender to get additional network coverage to a room where the signal is quite weak, to connect a PC.

I flashed the modem with OpenWrt firmware version 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e. I followed all steps as mentioned in this link and configured the router as a Wireless Repeater using relayed package.

Everything works fine, but the speed of the internet I am getting through this Wireless extender is very poor. I have a 100Mbps FTTH connection, the base modem cum Wi-Fi router (provided by ISP) gives very good results on speedtests in Wi-Fi mode (approx. 55Mbps download & upload on a 2.4GHz band).

But once connected through this Wireless Extender using a LAN port (Ethernet cable), I am getting speeds in the range of only 2 Mbps both download/upload. This is too low and practically good for nothing.

What could be wrong here?.. Is it anything to do with this hardware or anything with the firmware?

Please help.

Broadcom wireless, you should consider yourself lucky, you got anything at all - https://openwrt.org/meta/infobox/broadcom_wifi

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Are you able to make the modem work as a wifi repeater? And connect to the router using wifi ?

read the link provided, and set your wifi expectations accordingly.