Wireless events hostapd

Hi !

I've 2 instances of OpenWRT: one on an Raspberry pi 3b+, and one on an Netgear AC1200

I've an mac filtering activate, and I use rpi to get the mac address of new client

I've bought Netgear router to replace both (an old router & rpi)
But on router, i'm not able to trigger wireless event like "daemon.notice hostapd: STA 00:00:00:00:00:00 not allowed to connect" or associated/disassociated

I use logread to fetch on my Rpi

I've read lot of forums about this, but I haven't found anything

I've try to switch log_level on hostapd by 0, used hostapd_cli -a 'SOME SCRIPT' but nothing works

Thank for your help