Wireless device infomation

While I have just finished my degree in Networking I have never really been able to route around under the hood of wireless routers. I came across openwrt a week ago and was wondering is there away to see all data packets sent to the router for connected devices and devices that are in the area sending out signals for connections? I have a thesis to do and I am thinking about doing it on the security of wireless devices connecting to AP's and dealing with devices like WiFi Pineapple that act like rough access points and steal data.

While I am proficient in Python and Java I am short on other languages.

Yes, there is tcpdump. You can see the packets on the console or save them in a file and export it to view it in Wireshark.


tcpdump-mini will install the "standard" interface snooping tool, which works well with OpenWrt. It can be used on the Ethernet interfaces and the "live", wireless interfaces, as well as being able to set up a "monitor" interface. With keyed-SSH access, they can be "piped" over SSH to Wireshark running on a "desktop" machine as well. I believe that Wireshark has a remote-capture feature, though I've never tried it myself.



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