"Wireless configuration migration" endless loop in luci

upon selecting network, wireless from the luci UI I am presented with a dialog titled

"Wireless configuration migration"

I select continue, the cursor spins, and the dialog is still present. I can navigate away but I'm unable to get into the wireless settings via the luci UI.

Occurs on firefox and chrome (accessing the UI via ssh tunnel if that matters).

I don't see error messages in logread - not sure were to look for luci logs.

EDIT: possible related issue on this luci build #3987


root@r7500v2:~# cat /etc/openwrt_version 

root@r7500v2:~# opkg list | grep luci
liblucihttp-lua - 2019-07-05-a34a17d5-1
liblucihttp0 - 2019-07-05-a34a17d5-1
luci - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-app-ddns - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-app-firewall - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-app-opkg - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-app-sqm - 1.4.0
luci-app-statistics - git-20.139.24225-591b918
luci-base - git-20.138.70827-9a41673
luci-compat - git-20.128.63629-1021241
luci-lib-ip - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-lib-ipkg - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-lib-jsonc - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-lib-nixio - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-mod-admin-full - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-mod-network - git-20.138.63377-01d5d5f
luci-mod-status - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-mod-system - git-20.138.63172-c7686d4
luci-proto-ipv6 - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-proto-ppp - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
luci-theme-bootstrap - git-20.113.70804-9d02ef1
rpcd-mod-luci - 20191114

I can work from the command line for now.

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Same still happening for me here .... did you get to solve it?

No. If others are having this issue, I'm pretty sure it will get noticed and fixed.

Given the snapshot builds have been mostly reliable for me, I'm patient and understanding when a few bugs show up.

It looks like there are other "issues" for my device on master. Once these are resolved I plan to try a new build, see if this issue is fixed and report back then.

Ha. I just discovered the "web console" on firefox.

In the event this had not been "noticed" yet, here is the output from the web console when I try to access the wireless page.

RPCError: "RPC call to uci/rename failed with error -32002: Access denied
  at handleCallReply (
RPCError: "RPC call to uci/rename failed with error -32002: Access denied
  at handleCallReply (
RPCError: RPC call to uci/rename failed with error -32002: Access denied
  at handleCallReply (

MMmm, weird ... beyond my paygrade. Let's wait for @davidc502 to take a look at this :slight_smile:

After trying an updated image from master, I still have this issue.

I did a little more digging and found this:

The workaround mentioned in this issue for ddns won't help here (/usr/libexec/rpcd/luci already has execute permissions).

Based on a comments in this same thread, it seems the thing to do is continue waiting and configure wireless from the command line.

Please try the following:

  • SSH to your router
  • vi /usr/share/rpcd/acl.d/luci-base.json
  • locate the line "uci": [ "add", "apply", "confirm", "delete", "order", "set" ] and change it to "uci": [ "add", "apply", "confirm", "delete", "order", "rename", "set" ] (add "rename")
  • run /etc/init.d/rpcd reload
  • retry configuring wireless

Thank you,

that got me past the endless loop.

If it helps, I can put in a bug report... I just assumed that bug reports may not be helpful if this is still a work in progress

I already pushed a fix for this to the repo.

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