Wireless configuration file

I am in Vera for home automation and the wireless file won't change after using vi and wq. When I cat the file it shows the change but when I reboot it goes back to the original settings.

I am trying to disable the wireless interface because it's broadcasting on the same channel as my AP and I am using it with an Ethernet cable. Why won't it overwrite? permissions are -rw-r--r--

Please, specify your hardware and OpenWRT-version.

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@squirrelly, welcome to the community!

What is this?

  • What file are you editing?
  • Can you verify it's /etc/config/network

What OpenWrt device and version?

If it's a 4MB flash device its likely there is no flash space left to store changes, or it boots up in read only mode.

Run df to see the filesystem capacity and free space.