Wireless client not automatically re-connecting when connection was lost

TP-Link C2600 v1.0
OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292

the scenario is that I have 4G on my nexus 6P which runs lineageOS.
My C2600 connects as a client to the hotspot of my 6P.
Everything in the house is connected to the C2600.

This setup works flawless till I leave the house and come back.
The C2600 does not connect to the hotspot of the nexus again.
I have to delete the client connection and set it up again.

Any Ideas how to make the TP-Link connect again to the nexus after the connection has been lost?
help would be greatly appreciated.

One of the things that I can think of is that maybe your nexus, when recreating the hotspot, changes the mac address or maybe changing the SSID /Password combination that causes the hotspot to change as a result and the router thinks that there's no client available that matches the stored credentials so it doesn't connect.
One way to resolve this is to remove the Mac address from WiFi config and use your own SSID /Password combination in nexus.

hi ahmar, thank you for your reply.
I am not exactly sure what you mean. I am using my own hotspot/password combination and the mac is not changing. the hotspot is not switchet off and re-initiated.
It is just that I leave the house and come back.
Nothing has changed (so I would think at least). It is just that I go out of range of my C2600 and when I come back into it's range it is not connecting again.
I have to delete the configuration in the C2600, restarting the wireless doesn't help.

Most of the Android devices turn off the hotspot after some time when there's no user connected just to save battery. It's possible that the system internally switches it off somehow triggering a mac address change for the hotspot.

The mac address of your device would remain as it is but the mac address of hotspot (which is not available to see to the user) may change. So please head to LuCI, wireless page and while adding your wireless client remember to remove everything from BSSID field. This stores the mac address of the client and only connects to it if mac is the same otherwise it won't connect. Leaving it empty will let the router to connect to any AP with same SSID and password.

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ahmar16 awesome job!
it looks like you just fixed it.
I turned my hotspot off and back on again and it connected.
I am not a 100% positive yet but I will keep testing.
thank you very much.

Whenever a software based device gets created in Linux based systems, the system assigns it a randomly generated Mac address based on the current mac address of the device, or something entirely different maybe?, and as soon as that device turns off it gets deleted and recreated the next time as above and the process repeats every time. So I wouldn't be surprised in your case, I am sure it should be working now, unless you change other parameters like SSID or password.

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