Wireless broken if hostapd-common is updated on 21.02.1

I have a Linksys WRT3200ACM router that I recently upgraded to 21.02.1. That worked fine so far.Next I used the System/Software utility to upgrade packages. When I upgraded the hostapd-common package, all my wireless connections died. The radios show "Device is not active", the connections show "Wireless is not associated".

I had to reinstall the 21.02.1 firmware and stay with the original packages.

you should never upgrade packages.

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you should never upgrade packages.

I strongly disagree. Especially on stable branches, package upgrades are supposed to work fine. If they don't, it is a bug that needs to be corrected. In this case the various hostapd backports were improperly done (e.g. no strong dependency version constraints, no check for availability of new features).

@eehmke: you need to upgrade both hostapd-common and the installed wpad flavor simultaneously. The updated scripts in hostapd-common rely on new features in the compiled wpad part which are not available with the older version.


Would that be wpad-basic-wolfssl, that is also in the Updates list? On my first try I udated all packages available and ran into this problem.

Would that be wpad-basic-wolfssl

Yes, exactly.

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