Wireless bridge to multiple possible APs (i.e. mesh network)

So I've got a few options for hardware, GL-iNet Slate and/or AR300, and I'm trying to figure out if I can use it as a client bridge for a device that moves throughout an existing mesh environment, (Ubiquiti). So far I'm only able to get it to bind to a single AP/MAC at a time. I'm just not familiar enough with the interface to know A) if it's possible and B) which direction I should be looking for the configuration of such an option.

In general bridged client doesn't work exactly out of the box. There are some workarounds to it (WDS client, relayd).
If the Ubiquities are broadcasting the same SSID in different channels, then the client should select the one with the strongest signal. Some fine tuning from the UBNT side is needed too, to kick out clients with low signal and thus force them to scan for a better AP.

So I completely understand the RSSI settings in UniFi and that could help. But at the moment I have been testing by linking to one AP and then removing that AP and the SSID is still active but the AR300M won't hop points, (this was in extender mode). So I guess biggest question for the moment is if the AR300M is hardware limited from being able to roam? If not I'm guessing I need to try WDS client mode. I can't remember exactly how that differs from extender though I remember they are definitely distinct.

It's been a while since I've dabbled in DD/Open-wrt so I'm a bit lost in the interface. And granted I'm using the factory image from GL-iNet, (which is running their flavor of open-wrt).

So their basic config has the "Network Mode" option which provides for:

  • Router

  • Extender

  • WDS

I've done a factory reset and logged into their "advanced" settings mode and it looks a lot more like what it should be for an open-wrt install. Though again it looks a lot different than the last time I dabbled. I will search more for how to setup a "roaming" client mode.

There is no such thing (unless the other AP is in a channel unavailable to AR300M)
There could be software lock to roaming with BSSID, but I guess you'd know it already.

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On the client, do not enter anything for the BSSID-- which usually holds one AP's MAC. The client will consider all APs matching the SSID then. If a BSSID is entered it is locked to that one AP.

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Copy that. I wasn't sure if there were possibly a radio limitation that would not allow connection to multiple MACs. Okay so I will test soon. The basic setup in the AR300m does not allow for me to not input the BSSID but I can potentially remove it from the LuCI interface once configured. When I go into LuCI I do see "associated stations" and my ubiquiti AP is listed with the MAC/BSSID. I'm not in front of it right now so I can check but I'm hoping that it is editable so that I can remove that BSSID.

That would be the simplest solution for me anyway. I'll give that a shot on monday. Thanks so much!!

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