Wireless Bridge (relayd)

I just put my openwrt router into bridge mode and had a few questions, can features such as sqm/adblock etc will work still? If I wanted to forward ports to my ps4 will i do it via openwrt gateway or my main router gateway? Last question is this, this is one of the few times I’ve set up wireless bridge on this router because it’s normally good at first then after a couple hours it goes to nat3.help on any of these questions will be very nice. PS. Should i give my openwrt router a main static ip on my main router.

You have the following options:

  • Configure OpenWrt as the main DNS server with DHCP options on your main router.
  • Specify OpenWrt as the upstream DNS server for your main router.
  • Set up bridge firewall and utilize DNS hijacking.
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Can you explain to me how to do the first two choices you provided me with please?


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tried that

So I did the option 3 and internet it’s actually faster on my computer now but when I connect it to my ps4 i get an error basically saying dns server cannot be used

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  1. I think that yes.
  2. Forward ports in main router gateway.
  3. Yes, static ip in main router gateway.
  • Disable dhcp server in openwrt router.

Note: I think that, I have not tried it.

That user-guide is outdated regarding LUCIs UI - the screenshots do not correspond with the current release! That give´s me much headache - because I can´t follow that guide - so I can´t configure my device as a working repeater. :frowning:

it is almost the same. :grimacing:

I run > 10 router without problems

Post your files configuration :

network ( 3 interfaces LAN - WWAN - STABRIDGE )
wireless ( scan for your wifi master SSID & wirelless security )
dhcp ( not important because dhcp not actived )
firewall ( only green WWAN LAN STABRIDGE )