Wireless bridge (is this the name?)

Hi everyone,
first topic here, I hope you can help, since I looked for an answer but I am still confused.

My house has 2 levels and the provider router is in the first floor. I have to use that router for ftth.
I would like a more powerful signal on the ground floor and I thought about wrt1200ac or 1900acs.
What I would like to do is to use 5GHz to let the router act as a client on the current network and 2.4GHz to create another network for the ground floor (and, correct me if I am wrong, I guess this is a wireless bridge).

My question is: can the linksys do this? If so, is it possible independently from the model of the router that the provider gave me? Because I think I understood that this is possible IF two identical routers are used.

I hope you may help, thank in advance.

Yes, wireless bridge.




Thank you so much, I will buy it asap.

Check if the brand and model is supported first


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Any supported router has a couple of ways to relay the Internet from a generic wifi AP, even one that you don't own like at a hotel or your neighbor (with permission of course).

Also you can replace the router the company provides with FTTH. You can't replace the ONT, which is the first box the fiber connects to, usually mounted on the outside of the house. You will need an Ethernet connection from the ONT to your router. If it is presently installed with coaxial cable you will need to replace it with cat5e or cat6 cable.

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Sometimes. But not always. ATT for example uses crypto certs with 802.1x to authenticate connections. They won't give you the certs, they're embedded in the router they provide so mostly no luck.

I know, but in this case my home phone would not work.

Yep, they are both supported by openwrt. They only cost a lot, so I will wait for an offer.

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