Wireless backhaul

I have a main router which have split tunnels (passthrough/vpn). I have also managed to setup vlan trunking with powerlan to a separate unit with (passthrough/vpn) using dumpAP.
To further my knowledge, I would like to use wireless as a backhaul. I have read about WDS, 802.11s and Gretap. Do I need WDS or 802.11s as the link between AP+STA and gretap to encapsulate then vlan?
Can the main router WDS also use as AP, I know the bandwidth will cut in half.

How many VLANs do you need on your backhaul?

2 Vlans currently. The objective is to further my knowledge with WDS/gretap or 802.11s/gretap

  • Multiple SSIDs for WDS links for each VLAN - good for a couple before beacon pollution becomes a major concern
  • VLANs over GRE over client/AP or IBSS or 802.11s or ...
  • VLANs over batman-adv over client/AP or IBSS or 802.11s or ...
  • OpenVPN (tap) over client/AP or IBSS or 802.11s or ...

Try them all, if a learning experience

VLANs over GRE over client/AP

Does the client/AP need to be WDS or just normal client/AP?

Plain - WDS, as implemented by OpenWrt (there’s no meaningful standard), is already a bridging protocol.