Wireless AP on fresh install?

So, just a suggestion.

Wouldn't it make sense to have an AP broadcast on a fresh install or factory reset?

Having to plug in can be a real pain in the ass especially if in a tricky VLAN environment and being PoE as in my case.


This has been talked about several times on this forum, The main reason is what should the default SSID and password be and having a default password your network would be vulnerable to anyone who knows both

If you create your own firmware you could set your own access point during install.

You could also setup a access point by using aparcar's online image builder if you want. (I do not know the specific commands to do this but someone here should)

Actually this could be done in this way:

  • when fresh install
  • check if first run, if so, turn on default ap with default pw - say openwrt_somerandomnum pw is openwrt
  • disable WAN access
  • once user login force him to change default pw and reboot, then enable WAN.

I think that's quite doable similar way like other "small iot" devices are setup.
Actually the WAN block can be done even some maybe different way, dunno, some magic packet or something. there are for sure possible options.

That might work for some people, Unfortunately a lot of people can not be bothered to read instructions and would wonder why wifi does not work and give up right there

as I said this has been discussed sorry I have no links there was some talk about this on the mailing list and this forum and I also don't have any links.

yeah no worries, Imho I think it's still worth to pop up this topic once in a while as times and users are changing if you know what I mean :wink: