Wireless AP as a usb print server

Ok so I just installed openwrt on my Linksys 1900acs V1.
I am connecting it to an existing home network with Asus 5300 router and a Asus rt86u node.
I want to run the Linksys as a client with no DHCP etc.. I have it setup a dumb WAP as per the openwrt docs connected to the Asus node with a static IP address. All I want is this Linksys 1900acs to act as a usb print server for my home.
I used the following pages and I have the 1900 ASC WAP connected to my Asus node via UTP cable.
I don't see the services tab to further setup the usb print environment after setting it to a WAP device from a router.
Can I bring this back somehow?
Pages I have followed so far are:

Thanks in advance for your help everyone.

Did you install the required/additional modules?

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Yes, I did and I can see the p910nd in the. Init scripts and it is enabled. Start priority 99

I just restarted the the p910nd and the service has shown up.
Next step says to enable a port in the firewall for each printer. Why is that needed and how do I do it on my main router?

Firewall where ?

There's no on the AP, and you probably aren't allowing internet printing on your device ...

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Yes there is a firewall on the Linksys 1900ACS WAP

well yes, technically, there's a FW, but if you're not using the WAN port, the traffic doesn't go through it.

APs don't, in general, use the FW.

So what can I check, the print job isn't getting there I don't think....

print job isn't getting where from where via/using what ?

if you haven't already made any changes to the firewall config, and can access the openwrt webUI on the 1900acs, from outside it's own LAN (there shouldn't really be one in the 1st place), proves there's no firewall involved.

The print job isn't leaving my PC.. so it isn't communicating with the print server. When I install printer and configure TCP port to it doesn't connect/detect it as available. I am communicating with the print server, via wired and wireless at the 192.168 1.2 address

And what's the PCs IP? same subnet

Then post the p910nd config screen from luci.

And if you unplug the usb printer, and connect it again, what does dmesg say?

You can also try to telnet to port 9100, using putty, to check if the printserver's actually runnig.