Wireless Acess Point not configurable

Greetings folks, I have recently gotten my Intel NUC running OpenWRT as a router running thanks to the help of some kind people here. I just plugged in and installed a TP Link AX5400 Wireless AP, and i can see it was detected on the network (it has an assigned IP); however, no wireless options are available under network. I've downloaded and installed a bunch of packages as outlined in other threads, but still no wireless option.

Additionally, resetting isn't working either. (MTD partition 'rootfs_data' not found) when trying to reset the device in the hopes it generates a wireless config file? I assume that's why its missing.


My /etc/config/wireless file is totally empty but present.

It looks like this device is not supported by OpenWRT

Oh that's a real freaking bummer right there. Damn it. Thanks. ordered eap615 instead

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