Wireguard with DHCP6/PD

A got a /56 prefix via IPv6-PD from my ISP.

OpenWRT is assigning correct IPv6s to LAN clients so that all are accessible via IPv6, while firewall permitting. (I tested with 4 LAN vlans, with having a different network from the IPv6-PD prefix.)

Now, I want to extend that to cover mobile/notebook WG clients:

While on the road, those might only got IPv4 connectivity (NAT or not).

Once they connected to WG, I want they have Global IPv6 address assigned.

My ISP changes the IPv6-PD prefix frequently - almost on every restart of OpenWRT's WAN6 interface.

Is that possible?

As far as I am aware, Wireguard doesn't support the dynamic allocation of IPs, they have to be static.
Therefore your best bet is with ULA addresses in the tunnel and NAT66.


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