Wireguard VPN - which hardware should I use?

Hi guys,
I'm new to OpenWrt but not to Linux.
I'm using a hosted KVM Server with Wireguard and looking for an OpenWrt hardware (to use with Wireguard) to connect my home network to this Wireguard VPN. The OpenWrt router should be connected over LAN to my cable router from my ISP. I want to connect all of my devices via WiFi to the OpenWrt router an route all the traffic trough wirteguard to my KVM Server.

Which hardware do you guys recommend? I don't need the best of the best routers. I just want to have a good wireguard connections. Nothing else.


What is your definition of "fast"?

I changed my original post and removed the "fast". Because I don't have any arguments for that point :slight_smile:

Hi. You have probably asked too vague a question. The forum users generally don't want to spoon feed new users. They are very keen for you to search the forum yourself. I suggest you check on Ebay and search for openwrt router and buy a very cheap used one to try first. This will give you some experience openwrt and you will then be in a better situation to know what you need. Personally I started with a used BT home hub 5a and had to solder wires to the serial points. But that was what I wanted to do for the challenge. Wireguard runs well enough to watch HD TV from >1000 miles away. Good luck :smiley:

Removing the word "fast" doesn't really remove the question itself. "hosted KVM Server" kind of implies at least 100 MBit/s internet connectivity on the server side, maybe even up to 1 GBit/s, but it leaves open the question of your home (or mobile-) WAN speed - and the rough throughput you expect from your VPN gateway.

VPN at high throughputs is one of the most taxing tasks a (plastic-) router may be faced with, while wireguard is much better in this regard than e.g. OpenVPN, you still need to roughly match the capabilities of your router/ VPN gateway and your WAN speed (respectively that of the remote network, the bottleneck you're facing), both not to resource starve the other tasks your router has to cover at the same time (PPPoE, NAT, routing, SQM(?), etc.) and to avoid getting frustrated by the perceived slowness.

Without having a general idea about your requirements, the only answer would be to overestimate your requirements (based on the typical 1 GBit/s throughputs most data centres provide to their customers) and to recommend a highend x86_64 system.

I decided to try the Linksys WRT3200ACM. https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/linksys_wrt3200acm

Thanks for the feedback.

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