Wireguard VPN only for 5ghz wifi connection

Hi, I installed openwrt on my Xiaomi R4AC device and installed wireguard for vpn. Everything works fine. I have 2 ssids, one for 2.4ghz another for 5ghz. Now i want to enable wireguard only for 5ghz. So the devices connected to 2.4ghz wifi should directly go to internet. Only the devices connected to 5ghz should go through vpn to internet. I found there are similar questions already posted on the internet but i am a newbie and couldnt follow them. Can someone please explain me how to do that via gui?
Thanks in advance

you need to create a new lan2 (and different subnet) with only 5ghz device on it and on firewall make the same (mirrored) settings for wg-lan2 as for wan-lan connection