Wireguard VPN & DynDNS: Best practice

Hello everyone,

I have configured my router as I always wanted thanks to OpenWRT.
One Thing that I am missing for myself is VPN and with wireguard, the implementation seems pretty easy. The only Problem: At home I do not have a static IP address (it changes) and I cannot request one in the private customer section.

My scenario: I only want to use vpn to have my traffic encrypted when I am travelling or on business trips and using different wifis. I have also consider using mullvard vpn with wireguard when I need it. But why to pay for something when you can make it yourself.

I guess the steps would be:

  • install Wireguard
  • install DynDNS client
  • As my webhosting provider do not offer an DynDNS option, I need to find a free, trustworthy provider in Germany (where I am located)


  • open a port into your local network
  • you need to reconfigure after updating on the latest OpenWRT version

Did I miss anything or maybe it is easier than I thought?
How did you configure your vpn on OpenWRT?

Thank you very much for your input

why does it have to be german ?

check out dyn.com or noip.com, or whatever's supported by Openwrt, there are several.

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See https://github.com/openwrt/packages/tree/master/net/ddns-scripts/files/usr/share/ddns/default for a list of potential options. Some DNS registrars also offer some ddns features, which may be useful as well.


I can highly recommend gandi.net otherwise if you can accept it being French and open source friendly.
You will need a separate script for ddns functionality however...

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