Wireguard VPN, access remote lan and local lan

Hi there,

I'm currently in a holiday apartment and wanted to watch a movie over my plex server at home. I usually route all the traffic over the Wireguard VPN tunnel, therefore I have it configured that way.

Now comes my problem, I need to be able to connect to my plex server at home and at the same time to the TV in the holiday apartment. How can I achieve this easily?

I tried to add the desired IP Subnet to the allowed IPs on the client and server, but this didn't do the trick.

Thank you for your feedback.

Where is the VPN setup at the holiday apartment?

  • On the router; or
  • On a client

In any case, it should usually just work.

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On a client, my Android phone.

If you use the WireGuard Android client on your phone make sure you have not enabled (=ticked) "block untunneled trafic (kill-switch)" see:

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Thank you all for your help. In the Android and IOS app you need to check the exclude private IPs and then add every remote subnet you want to be able to access. Source

And for the local TV and plex, the plex server tries to initialize a direct connection to the TV, the Android phone only acts as the connection initializer. However, the plex server is unable to connect to the TV, which is in a different subnet and no route to it exists, so it fails. So to be able to stream to the local TV from the Android client you have two options.

  1. Mirror the phone screen onto the TV with Google Home app.
  2. Download the movie etc. in the plex app, go to settings, sharing and enable advertise as server.



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