Wireguard tutorial

Is this something that might be of interest to have in the wiki?
Seems like a lot of users are confused about setting up Wireguard in general

Quick draft

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What's the reason to use /etc/firewall.user and insert accepts in the main chains instead of using a VPN zone in the firewall? It seems easier to configure the access policy using zones.

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This document consists mostly of snippets of code.There is very limited explanation how this code works and how it can be transformed to be adjusted to other configurations. I would not call it a tutorial, because it is very hard to learn pr understand what's going on by reading it. It may be helpful to those who already knows the basics of wireguard / openwrt and only need a quick reference.

Yes, I haven't looked into it because of interest/time. If you can adapt it it's more than welcome.

While I understand what you're getting at I think that issue is the lack of documentation in general. If you look at the wiki they pretty much do the same, covering everything from network layout (setup) to * would create a wall of text for each entry and that isn't the intended scope. There really should be a requirement of a wiki page as there are no man pages in OpenWrt for commits but that's just my personal opinion.

Feel free to add to https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/wireguard


This is very useful. I am going to set up a Ubuntu 18.x server on Azure and then try this out. Firewalls are the hardest to me. Thanks for writing.