WireGuard support in 19.07.3

Will the WireGuard installation procedure change for 19.07.3? My understanding is that WireGuard achieved 1.0 with its inclusion in the Linux kernel 5.6 and this support has since been backported to the 4.14 LTS branch. With the OpenWRT kernel going from 4.14.171 to 4.14.180 this support now seems complete.

My question is whether the WireGuard kmod is actually included in the firmware bundle or do I still need to install it with "opkg wireguard"? I'm not seeing it with lsmod...

I haven't seen any difference.

It''s never included, this is an extra, install-able package...and it works just as before.

Are you having an issue with it?


Thanks, that answers my question.

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