Wireguard status bug

Status icon greyd instead of blue, latest handshake said to be over a day ago.
All links are on with the remote sites.

19.07.7 on TP-Link WDR 4300v1

Did you try to configure the persistent_keepalive option, DDNS/NTP workarounds?

wg show

What is the output?

  • That sounds normal, Wireguard is stateless. You want to use the keepalive?
  • I assume the "remote sites" are not OpenWrt-based with the icon that concerns you?
  • Does wg show seem identical to the remote location?
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wg show output good :

latest handshake: 5 seconds ago

transfer: 31.83 MiB received, 472.64 MiB sent

persistent keepalive: every 25 seconds

the issue is with the web interface, in Luci.
happen since yesterday morning, persist after reboot

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You can report the issue here: