Wireguard site to site using DDNS

Has anyone successfully configured wireguard site to site, using DDNS? If yes, please share the config file with me.

All it takes for Wireguard site-to-site, even with DDNS, is the regular information for any WireGuard connection: keys, endpoint, allowed IPs. None of these are special settings, and all of them are very specific to the connection. That's why another person's config will do you no good.

Maybe you want to describe what you're having problems with?

Edit: If the endpoint is a DDNS host a tiny script is to be run in regular intervals to reestablish the connection if and when the DDNS host changed its IP. But that should not prevent you from establishing the connection at first, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

^^^ this.

The endpoint host field accepts domain names, so you can easily put the ddns domain name into the remote peer's configuration. You obviously need to make sure the ddns domain is correctly updating to the public IP of the WG endpoint in question, and that obviously requires that the WG endpoint actually has a real public IP (IPv4 with CG-NAT or RFC1918 NAT addresses are not publicly routable and therefore will not work).