Wireguard + Shadowsocks


Has anyone got Wireguard + Shadowsocks working as a server on OpenWRT? I was able to get Wireguard or Shadowsocks server working but not as a combination. On the other hand, I was able to set it up on Ubuntu server with no issues but my goal is to set it up on OpenWRT to eliminate the need for the Ubuntu server.

In addition, I have no issues setting up OpenWRT as a client following this post, but I have not been successful setting it up as server.

During the troubleshoot, I am seeing the initial traffic transverse to the server on the WAN interface and loopback interface. On the loopback interface, handshake is exchanged but the handshake response or traffic not seen returning on the server WAN interface. Also, I do not see any traffic on the server WG interface. Looking forward for ideas. Thank you in advance.

Firmware version: OpenWrt 22.03.5