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Hello all.i have 2 routers in the same network.a mikrotik with routeros and a dlink with openwrt.the mikrotik gives internet to openwrt an all works perfect. I want to create a wireguard server in mikrotik and my openwrt router act as wireguard client so all devices that is connected to be encrypted.is it possible to the same network?i dont care for georestricted and such stuff.i want only all my traffic through openwrt go through mikrotik and be encrypted to the internet. Thanks

if the server and the client are on the same network only the traffic between the two would be encrypted, if you want the traffic to the internet to be encrypted the server should be on a remote host, however from the remote host to the servers on the internet the traffic that would be normal ...

That's not how it works. All you'd be achieving is encrypting the traffic between the mikrotik and the openwrt router. It'd be decrypted by the mikrotik before it was then sent out to the internet.

You need a VPN endpoint somewhere out on the internet (either a commercial VPN provider or a VPS on which you've set up a VPN endpoint) if you want to send out encrypted data from your home network. It should also be noted that even this setup only means your data is encrypted as far as the endpoint.

Thank your answers.now i have a vpn provider surfshark.just i was thinking to create somethink my own so dont need to pay surfshark.

Guys can you recommend me a decent vps?is it worthy vs vpn providers?

what's the use case, to start with ?

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Just for encryption

Proton VPN provider : https://protonvpn.com/ has a free account which works OK-ish

I use a free Oracle VPS on which I setup an OpenVPN and a WireGuard server, it is free if you do not have too much traffic but they do need your credit card so far from anonymous: https://www.oracle.com/cloud/free/#always-free

you do realize VPN doesn't provide any additional privacy, right ?

unless you're trying to

  • bypass geo blocking
  • live in some country where internet access is censored / restricted / monitored
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To be honest i have an iptv that is not so leggal....so thats i want my traffic be encrypted

Vpn does that right?

VPNs very simply encrypt traffic between two points. At the other side of the tunnel, the traffic must emerge and traverse the internet using its standard protocols.

With respect to privacy, VPNs simply shift the privacy considerations from local to your connection (i.e. your ISP) to the VPN provider -- many of whom will claim that they will make your connection private/anonymous. If you actually trust that the VPN provider doesn't keep logs or use your data for other purposes, then sure, that's what they do. But you're taking their word for it and many services have betrayed that trust. There is little-to-no proper oversight to guarantee that they truly anonomyze your connection. It is a leap of faith, and relying on this to protect you from potentially illegal activities is probably a bad plan.

The use of these forums and OpenWrt to enable illegal activities is not condoned. And for this reason, the thread will be closed.

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