Wireguard server setup [Solved]

Would anyone be able to guide me on how to setup my router as a wireguard server. Alongside it also being a PIA client. I have been able to set my router up as both an openvpn server / PIA client, but I would like to make the change over to being a wireguard server instead of openvpn. I have installed the all the necessary packages and configured the wg config how I want it, and I can see my external peer sending and receiving packets, but for some reason they never get the handshake to connect completely.

So Im thinking it is an issue with routing or firewall settings. any insight is much appreciated


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Right, very sorry about that @stangri

So I was finally able to figure out how to get wireguard to work as a server alongside my router also being a PIA client. I had to manually set the firewall mark under the wireguard advanced settings to "0x10000", which happens to be my default fwmark or (WAN).

@stangri the reason I originally made a reply under your discussion board was because I am using VPR to control what IP's will go through the wireguard tunnel, and what IP's will go through the PIA tunnel.

I thought that maybe I wasn't configuring VPR correctly with wireguard. But if anyone has questions about the kind of setup I have feel free to ask now that I have it figured out lol.

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