Wireguard server setup extra public key field

because I had to setup my wireguard again after a openwrt upgrade, I noticed a change in one of the screens and was hoping you could help me.
I'm using the manual as described on this page : http://chrisbuchan.co.uk/computing/wireguard-setup-openwrt/
When I want to "Configure the Openwrt Wireguard Interface" there's a new field which asks for the "public private key"
I can't leave it empty.
Can you tell me what I have to do to continue the setup?
Thank you very kindly,

grtzz Tom

Can you include a screenshot of the page you're talking about please?

This tutorial is newer, maybe it will help?

A private key is required for the main wireguard interface definition. A public key is derived from the private key. That public key is then provided to the remote peers.

A public key is require for the peer config that corresponds with that peer’s private key.

One of the recent (I think) changes to the wireguard implementation on openwrt is to have fields for both the public and private keys for the peers. The reason for this is that it makes it much easier to do the key exchange using a qr code. Very simply, the openwrt config can be used to generate a key pair for the remote peer and then the private key is transferred to the remote peer as part of the QR code quick setup. Openwrt only needs the public key for the peer, but has fields for both to make this QR code setup possible.

Someone else had this issue. I observed the incorrect behavior too.

as requested the corresponding image.
According the manual from http://chrisbuchan.co.uk/computing/wireguard-setup-openwrt/ I only have to use the private key in this field.

Thank you for the newer manual, I'll have a look. Thank you

Put the contents of server-publickey into that field.

Hello, thank you for your quick reply.
I was following the manual from Robin Bühler.
I installed all packages but even after a reboot, I do not get a QR code to add peers.

edit: the new manual solves the problem of the extra field. Thanks

(That's what they would have to calculate, i.e. why it's a problem.)



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