Wireguard server and IPv6

Hi, my ISP is provide IPv4 addresses behind CGNAT, however since several days it seems I am receiving IPv6 address as well. I have setup WG server on the router, and DDNS via dynv6.com, however when I add that in the WG peer ( android phone) I get "error unable to resolve hostname xxx.dynv6.com"
Can I do access WG via the IPV6 address provided by the vendor or do I need to pay for the public IPv4 address?
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  • ipleak.net - check IPv6 connectivity from the client.
  • dns.google - confirm that DDNS works correctly.
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Thanks. I forgot to mention that my mobile provider do not use Ipv6, so the first test is a failure - no IPv6 address.
Second test about the dns:{ "Status": 0 /* NOERROR */, "TC": false, "RD": true, "RA": true, "AD": false, "CD": false, "Question": [ { "name": "xxxxx.dns.army.", "type": 1 /* A */ } ], "Comment": "Response from

Switch the "RR Type" to "AAAA".

Some mobile providers require to explicitly enable IPv6 as an additional service.
Otherwise you need buy a public IPv4 or a VPS.

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I will end up paying for IPv4, as I am trying to use their IPTV at another place. I have VPS but not from my ISP. Anyway a nice learning about IPv6. Thanks again

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Any VPS (in the sense of IPv6 prefix available and being able to load kernel modules/ your own kernel) can be a mediator/ host for wireguard, regardless of the ISP.

I'm getting along with cgNAT and a (semi-)static IPv6 prefix for the last three years now, it generally works - unless you enter an IPv4-only WLAN (mobile ISPs offer IPv6 these days).

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Interesting... Let me give you more information if you can help with the setup.
I have ISP ( Bulgaria) at home providing IPTV only in their network via Android box. My idea is to install wireguard on the android box and connect to wireguard server. I have Oracle VCN free Tier with German IPv4 address ( now I read that I may be able to get IPv6 as well - never thought about it as I didn't had IPV6 address on my ISP) running WG server. My mobile provider ( just for the test if WG is working, doesn't provide IPv6), my second ISP2 provider where I want to move the Android box doesn't provide IPv6 either. I am not sure how can I overcome this situation without public IPv4..
I am not sure how can I get IP address even

Set up a WireGuard server on the VPS:

Configure other involved devices as WireGuard clients.
Then you can use client-to-client connectivity.


You could also try a "cloud" VPN like Zerotier or Tailscale. These use the company's server to negotiate a connection where there is CGNAT at both sides and then attempt to convert to a direct link once "holes" have been made through the NAT. That is usually successful, then you have shorter ping time than a two-hop link through a VPS. If it is not successful the company server will continue to relay packets for you.


Thanks guys, but my problem is that I need to receive IP from my ISP1. I have WG on Oracle , but it changes my IP address to the Oracle location. I have zerotier, but I get IP address from ISP2 or my mobile network.
I was hoping that with ISP1 providing me with IPv6, I can get WG server on my router and access it from my ISP2 which doesn't provide me with IPv6.
@slh mentioned it is possible trough VPS- well I do not get how?
I can probably get ISP1 IPv6 address for the Oracle VPS, when I set it up as a client, but what's next?
How ISP2 will get IP from ISP1's address trough Oracle VPs, when ISP2 doesn't support IPv6.
Thanks for you advises.

This is no longer necessary since you have a VPS.

No, configure VPS as a VPN server.

Run VPN client on other devices.

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