Wireguard RT3200

Hey People,

i have RT3200 router.

I want to Use open vpn in my router but the problem is banking apps will not work if the apps detect I'm out of country.

so for this i have question in my mind Can i make another wifi network and wireguard only works on that network so whenever i want to use vpn i will connect to that network only.

i also tried to search on you tube about it but haven't found any video explaining about it.

please help me about it.

and i will use protonvpn config because its free if anyone know any other vpn service fast and free please do let me know.

Topic says OpenVPN Wireguard, which one is it ?

i think Wireguard

You can use policy based routing to ensure that certain destinations (i.e. your bank) egress via your regular wan and not the VPN tunnel.