Wireguard routing to server side LAN

Hello everybody!

At the moment I'm trying to make my home network reachable from the outside, so I can manage my computers and the router. Until now I'm able to connect to the router, ping the router wireguard IP and the router LAN IP, but when I try to ping a computer in the LAN behind the router it doesn't go through. All I need is a SSH connection through the tunnel to use VNC if necessary.

I followed this OpenWRT wiki, this external tutorial and the Arch Wiki WG netctl.

root@OpenWrt:~# ip r
default via dev eth0.2 proto static src # WAN double NATed, can't do anything about it dev eth0.2 proto kernel scope link src dev WGOWRT proto kernel scope link src # WG dev br-lan proto kernel scope link src

The Arch Wiki says that I've to enable IP forwarding, to be able to reach the LAN. So I tried again the OpenWRT Wiki, specifically the part about 'Add route to server side LAN on VPN client. '

uci set network.wgserver.route_allowed_ips="1"
uci add_list network.wgserver.allowed_ips=""
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart

The problem now is this

root@OpenWrt:~# uci add_list network.wgserver.allowed_ips=""
uci: Invalid argument

So how should I set the route so my computers on the LAN are reachable via WG?

The guide you need is this one.