WireGuard routing multi LAN

Hello! I want to make the following config: I have a lan interface with and I created a second lan interafce with I created a WireGuard tunnel where I added the to the allowed ips and unchecked the add routes box. The three interface is in separate firewall zone, and I set the firewall to allow from lan to wan and vpn, and the second lan to allow to lan, wan, vpn, and back from the vpn to the two lan zone. I installed vpn policy routing. At this level everything works normally, the two lan ha internet access from the wan. I want to route the second lan through the vpn. If I set the policy, the local address and the interface vpn there is no internet at the second lan, the first works normally. For a try I set the local addresses to so the first lan, in his case it works the first lan is being route through the vpn. What can be the problem?