WireGuard : reroute traffic

I want to connect to a WG Server and reroute all the traffic to my LAN. -- with a killswitch

I'll be using AWS but I'm currently trying with protonVPN

ProtonVPN config

# Key for opENWRT
# Bouncing = 0
# NetShield = 2
# Moderate NAT = off
# NAT-PMP (Port Forwarding) = off
# VPN Accelerator = on
PrivateKey = ######
Address = 

# FR#73
PublicKey = ##1
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint = IP2:51820

but I seems to have DNS issues, with brave

# This site can’t be reached

**www.google.com** refused to connect.

somehow safari work (with iCloud/CloudFlare Private Relay)

UPDATE: solved, there was a typo on my private key, but that lead to a secondary issue, since I still had internet my killswitch is not working

You should mark your other threads as solved too, or update them, if you've managed to fix you USB ethernet issue...


DNS entries in the WG interface don't actually do anything. Remove those lines. Instead, add your preferred DNS into the dnsmasq config. This can be a bit tricky, though... the system must be able to resolve your remote VPN endpoint before the tunnel is created, so the DNS must be public.

See this: Wireguard + DNS in 21.02.x


Thank you! I’m gonna do that!

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