Wireguard QR image missing

Hi, using v 22.03 since today. Upgraded via Web-UI and sysupgrade image.
Works very well!

Currently I only miss the qr image in the WireGuard VPN Status page.
The qr libraries are present.

The QR code is generated within the peer settings.

Do you have the qrencode package installed?

Yes, qrencode and libqrencode is installed.

same issue here, qr codes are not showing

Here a screenshot:

any updates on this anyone?

From what I can tell, the QR codes still work but have been relocated. Where they used to be in the Status > Wireguard Status page, you will now find them in the peer configuration of the interface:

Network > Interfaces > [Edit for the WG interface] > Peers > [Edit for the peer of interest] > Configuration Export > Generate Configuration

interesting. i see the options, but nothing happens when i click on it - as if it's greyed out.

same if i try to add another peer.

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I think I know what is happening...

I just looked at my configuration and I can confirm that the QR code button is not clickable/grayed-out. However, I added a new peer with a freshly generated private & public key -- this made the QR code clickable. The QR code cannot be generated unless the private key is in the peer config. Under normal circumstances, the private key for the peer is not required (or even desired) to exist in the peer configuration -- only the public key should exist. However, this does actually make sense in that the key exchange is necessary, and this is essentially the only way to generate a scalable QR code that contains all the necessary cryptographic keys. So here, the OpenWrt side is generating the private + public keys for the other peer, then providing a QR code with that info so that the other peer can import that. This is far easier than generating a key pair on the other peer and then moving the public key back to the OpenWrt side.


Or "inspect the element of a preexisting peer and change the value.


Yes, you could enable the button in the absence of the private key. But this QR code would be lacking the peer private key, so directly importing this config would not provide the complete config necessary on the other peer. The peer would have to have a private key from which the public key was generated. And this would require that the key was stored on or copied to the other peer so that it could be pasted into the config. Alternatively, a new key pair could be created, but then the public key in the openwrt peer config would be incorrect and the public key would need to be exchanged from the other peer to openwrt

Ok let's follow the directions! Pasted my private key and wahla the qr code works without fiddling.

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