Wireguard problem

I have a problem with my Wireguard vpn.
I have a Wireguard tunnel between my mobile and my router which worked perfectly until yesterday when it suddenly stopped working without having done anything to the router and now I don't know what to do to get the tunnel to work again.
Does anyone have an idea why this could happen?

key expired ?

which key expires?


Keys are generated by the admin (i.e. the OP - at least on their side of the connection, and I assume proper generation and share on the mobile) - they are Pre-shared, they don't expire.

  • Did you make a firewall entry to allow the UDP packets?
  • Did your WAN IP change?
  • Do you use DDNS and did not use the WG watchdog?

I have not made any changes with Wireguard or with openwrt. my Tunnel was working perfectly and suddenly it stopped working without even entering the main openwrt page


I already understood that...and my questions?

I followed this guide, https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/wireguard/extras#automated, to install WireGuard on my system. WireGuard has been working properly for months until 2 days ago. I have not changed the WAN IP, it remains the same, I have not activated or deactivated anything in the Firewall and as far as I know I do not use ddns

...well since you did nothing and seem to have not information about the OpenWrt...and you use the same public IP...and don't use a domain name...

Check the connecting devices.

Good afternoon,
and managed to solve my problem.
The problem was that my main router (Fritzbox 6591), needed an update and with it, I see communication between my mobile and my Fritzbox 4040 with Openwrt again. So the problem had nothing to do with my devices and Openwrt.
Thank you very much for the recommendations and inconvenience.
a cordial greeting

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