Wireguard problem after reboot

whether wireguard until now there is no way to solve the problem after rebooting the wireguard is not connected, I've tried watchdog wireguard but it didn't work. I followed the guidelines here
and I have followed all the methods in this forum but nothing can, I spent a lot of time searching for why wireguard could not connect after a reboot. I even refused my girlfriend's invitation to go for wireguard

What is the output of:
uci export network; uci export dhcp; uci export firewall; ip -4 addr; ip -4 ro; ip -4 ru
Use preformatted text when you paste output from the console (the </> button)

That's what I call devotion!

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  • Did you ever make a firewall rule permitting input to the Wireguard port?
  • You haven't shown us your configs, we cannot guess

At this point, there's no indication of a bug...let's move the thread to Installing and Using OpenWrt - Network and Wireless Configuration for now.


  • Are you saying this issue just started?
  • Does appearance of this issue correlate with you upgrading the router, making config changes or something?

wireguard requires the clock always increase, when you reboot a router, if it doesn't have a realtime clock, its clock will be set to the time on the most recent file in /etc/ or something similar. You need to use NTP to get your clock set properly, and then bring wireguard up... this might be your problem.