WireGuard package versions

According to wireguard.com, OpenWrt has up to date versions of the WireGuard packages, but on both a D-Link DIR-510L and Asus RT-N56U I see package versions that are six months old.This is after having done an "opkg update". As a test I tried the OpenWrt Docker image, and using it I get the current versions of the WireGuard packages.

I'm new to OpenWrt and not sure if this is a problem, or if it's common for some devices to have older packages than others. Any information to help me understand the situation, and, ideally, solve the problem, would be appreciated.

You will get current versions (as in 0.0.20200215 at this moment) in master (snapshots), stable releases however use whatever version (modulo bug-/ security fixes) was current by the time it was branched off master.



yes i know that may sound strange for you but this ISN'T problem actually.

WG have make packages but they didn't change protocol. So you can connect between different versions since protocol is same.

Maybe if tomorrow there is WG Protocol v2 then you need to update packages. But for now they're just works.