WireGuard only for a specific VLAN

I have set up WRT with two networks- the primary LAN and a VLAN. At the moment, both of them are using the primary WAN connection for routing. But what I want to do is set the VLAN to go over WireGuard. I have successfully set up WireGuard using the tutorial at the following link but that makes ALL traffic go over WireGuard.


How do I only make the VLAN traffic go over WireGuard and regular traffic through my ISP. Very new to OpenWRT so would greatly appreciate help with screenshots. My firewall screen looks as follows:

Try VPN Policy-Based Routing + Web UI -- Discussion


Thanks- that was exactly what I was looking for. Working perfectly.


Hey, I was wondering if you've found another way for this or VPN policy-based routing works just fine?

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@lleachii thank you for this tip, working flawlessly. However, how would you go about doing this for two or more other WG tunnels? Add similar entries and change the routing table/lookup for a different number? And/or the priority of the route? I can't seem to get this working for another network.