Wireguard not working with stubby+dnsmasq

Dear OpenWRT community,

With a default OpenWRT dns configuration (dnsmasq) I'm able to make Wireguard run
(19.07.1 on Youhua 1200, mt7621) with an iOS client.

I copied the wireguard configuration onto my main router where I'm using stubby with dnsmasq and it does not work.

  • The systemlog says "wireguard:.. Could not create IPv4 socket".
  • ifconfig does not show the wireguard interface

After some websearch I found that this happens when the DNS is not found for wireguard.

  1. How can I solve it in OpenWRT (some kind of port mapping?) ?
  2. If easily solvable, how can I do wireguard vpn splitting (based on destination networks) as I do now with OpenVPN (to replace openvpn) ?

Many thanks in advance !

cheers Blinton

I find it very hard for WG to depend on DNS if it doesn't have to resolve an address.
Maybe you could post the configs of WG and dnsmasq/stubby? Are you sure that WG is not trying to use the same port as some other service on the router?

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Hi trendy,
That was the solution, I had an OpenVPN server running on the same port... thanks a lot !
Cheers Blinton

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