Wireguard not switching with MWAN Failover

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Not sure if it is just me but i am having issue with my wireguard not sending traffic when MWAN3 switches routing , I expected it to be fairly seamless since wiregaurd is stateless

I am using Openwrt 22.03.3 Build r20028-43d71ad93e . . . This is a image i have built using the build system so i have not ruled out that as an issue.

I did get this to work with OpenVPN so i know that the concept is sound how ever in the fight to reduce network overhead for clients with not so great connectivity we decided to use wireguard instead.

So I think main question after all my rambling is has anyone gotten this to work or is there a known bug causing my suffering.

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in your case and apologies if i missed this can you ping the remote wiregaurd only from the router or also from the LAN behind the router what this means is from your side

can you ping via device connect to the lan or only from the openwrt device

Maybe check your routing on your OpenWRT to make sure you have routes for the remote LANs on both ends via wireguard endpoint IP.

create static routes openwrt.
So route your side for via gateway
and router on remote side going back to via

so the router knows how it must route the traffic between the two endpoints