Wireguard- No VPN

Hi friends,
I have installed wiregurad and the interface says it is connected.. but no VPN on WAN

and traceroot

what is wrong my set up

pls help

unfortunately we don't have your setup...

@ninjanoir78 what do you mean?

we don't have any infos about your config, please give us some infos about config. What is your network config?

pls find the following

root@OpenWrt:~# uci show network; uci show dhcp; uci show firewall

please remove your personal infos as private keys, and infos from your private wg

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done.. tks for it

@ninjanoir78 hi.. i have done it.. pls check noq

Assuming the currently active wireguard interface is WG2.

uci set network.@wireguard_WG2[0].route_allowed_ips='1'
uci commit network; /etc/init.d/network restart

Check the default gateway by running ip route list default
It should be something like default dev WG2 ...

You should do the same for the other peers.

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thank you so much.. it is working now

traceroute to openwrt.org (, 20 hops max, 46 byte packets
 1  45.740 ms
 2  49.177 ms
 3  48.088 ms
 4  37.534 ms
 5  36.494 ms
 6  37.454 ms
 7  38.360 ms
 8  38.118 ms
 9  60.727 ms
10  191.688 ms
11  214.259 ms
12  193.962 ms
13  198.004 ms
14  214.247 ms
15  223.969 ms
16  266.124 ms
17  *
18  *
19  *
20  277.422 ms
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The keys can still be seen in the history of your post. You should recreate and replace all of them.

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Hi I have deleted it again.. is it still visible?

Yes. Just recreate all your keys and replace them.

ok thank you.. I'll

thank you once again

How can I split VPN between 5GHz and 2.5GHz ( I want to use VPN only for the 5GHz wifi)

thank you

You will need to create an independent network and then associate your 5g radio to that new network. Obviously you’ll need to use a unique ssid, too.

Then, you will need to use policy based routing to send the 5g traffic through the tunnel while bypassing the vpn for the 2.4g network.

Hi thank you for the reply
Can you pls kindly guide me with CLI commands
I have posted my network config above

Thank you

I normally edit my config files directly and I don’t use uci commands frequently.

Please post your text config files:

Please copy the output of the following commands and post it here using the "Preformatted text </> " button:
Remember to redact passwords, MAC addresses and any public IP addresses you may have:

cat /etc/config/network
cat /etc/config/wireless
cat /etc/config/dhcp
cat /etc/config/firewall
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