Wireguard is used with MWAN3, within a minute of booting, the traffic leaks to the local ISP

Hello,I would like to ask a question, the openWrt router is configured with a lot of wireguard protocol VPN WAN ports, and then I use Mwan3 to split the traffic, so that a specific internal IP goes out through a specific wireguard WAN port, everything runs normally, but there is a small problem that the router has just turned on around 60 seconds, before Mwan3 is automatically loaded, the all traffic will go out through the default local ISP WAN port. Is there any solution to make the router go out through the WAN port of the wireugard protocol as soon as it is powered on, and never go through the local ISP WAN port?

Summary: The problem now is that when the router is turned on for about 10 seconds to 1 minute, the computers and mobile phones connected to the router will go out through the local ISP WAN port, so it is equivalent to traffic leakage, and the privacy protection function of VPN is gone.

Possible solutions:Set br-lan to delay startup, and wait for all interfaces of wireaguard to start up and Mwan3 to be loaded before starting br-lan. Is this solution ok? But I also don't know how to set br-lan to delay startup for about 1 minute.

Thank you so much.

Hello.How to delay boot lan interface?

set startup of dnsmasq to manual/disabled, start it in your rc.local after a 60 sec delay.

and don't bump the theads.

Hello, can you please describe the configuration tutorial in detail?
thank you very much.

in system->startup disable dnsmasq
in the local startup tab add

sleep 60
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq start

before the exit 0