Wireguard interface, Error: Network device is not present

I have a Linksys WRT1900ACS running OpenWrt 21.02.1, r16325-88151b8303 and it has been running flawless since I upgraded until today.

My setup:
Internet -> ISP provided router -> WRT1900ACS
My WRT1900ACS is configured to connect via a wireguard interface and that has worked without problems until now.

I did not change anything in my setup.
Today my router is not able to reach "internet".
For instance, from my WRT1900ACS ping has a 100% packet loss but ping (ISP provided router) works fine.
If I connect my PC directly to the ISP router and try ping it works fine.

How should I debug this?
Any ideas of what might be wrong?


Seems like I am getting Network device is not present for all my wireguard interfaces, what does that error mean?

do you tunnel all traffic ? is it up, and working ?

I thought that it was down due to some strange issue, but I see now that my wg interfaces are having trouble.
It says Error: Network device is not present.

But it seems to not be visible all the time. Not sure what it means. I will be investigating. Any pointers are welcome.

Couldn't figure it out.
I did a settings reset and am setting up my router again and if I the issue shows up again while I configure it I'll update this thread.

Keep in mind that DSA in 21.02.x will need some configuration changes relative to 19.07.x, blindly copying configs or restoring them point blank isn't going to work.