Wireguard for specific WAN interface

Hi. I have multuple WAN interfaces (wan, wanb) in WAN zone, I want to setup Wireguard client for specific WAN (wanb). Anybody can help me? :frowning:

lan -> wan
    -> wanb -> wireguard

I have little knowledge about VPN, sorry for that.

You can add a route to the WG server on the specific WAN interface.

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Do you mind if you instruct me :smiley:

uci set network.wg_route="route"
uci set network.wg_route.interface="wanb"
uci set network.wg_route.target="wg_server_ip"
uci set network.wg_route.gateway="wanb_gateway_ip"
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart



Are you able to sort it out?