Wireguard Flash code unreadable in Android client

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I don't konw how to report this problem.

Whenever I generate a new private/public keypair in Android Wireguard application, font displays ambiguous letters : 0 (zero), O (letter) and I, L and i. Therefore it becomes impossible to read and as a result unusable.

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You need to raise it with the wireguard developers, it's not an OpenWRT issue.


Where is the Wireguard bug report? I just found GIT.

No idea. It's not an OpenWRT issue.



I last sent an email when there was a bug using Wireguard on a device connected to a carrier with native IPv6 mobile data (I verified this behavior before emailing).

I suggest using their IRC channel for this request. :slightly_smiling_face:


  • What does this have to do with OpenWrt?
  • Wouldn't that be an Android issue?
  • And is the the OP seriously saying that they want Wireguard to redo the key generations to remove such characters...?

I'm wondering how that would be backwards compatible with all other implementations...

  • Seriously?
  • You hand-type keys on a regular basis?
  • You consider that string "human readable" in the context of your statement?

Interesting...just out of curiosity...could you explain your use case (and perhaps how OpenWrt is involved?


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I sent them an email.

I forgot to mention that I am using OpenWRT Wireguard QR code utility to speed up setting up the VPNs. At first, I flash OpenWRT Wireguard QR code using an Android Wireguard client to create a VPN client entry. So the private key pair is created by Android Wireguard and then I need to read it. The problem is that it cannot be read because of fonts.

I am using Wireguard to secure WIFI in a roadwarrior scheme gainst WPA2 KRACK attack and WPA3 Dragonblood. I consider WPA2/WPA3 security dead and acting as such.

OpenWRT is acting as a VPN Server and roadwarrior clients are mostly from my familly (everyone has at leat a laptop + a wireless phone). As an avarage familly, we need to secure around 10 devices. So it takes some time to generate the keys and setup Wireguard.

Transfering codes between clients is very easy with QR code scanning.

But you can quick copy-paste code from WG app to Gmail for example or vice versa.

For example you can quick make keys into TXT file and sent them using Bluetooth to put them on device.

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GMail. Huummm ... I don't want to be unpleasant, byt my eMail server or My Internet provider in Europe, why not. I understand the scenario. But cryptographic keys should always be readable. This is maximum security.

Well i don't know - on tests i type keys on from RPi under SSH session to mine iPhone SE. With one mistake.

Yes, it take time... but it was almost flawless

I prefer to type too.