Wireguard doesnt reconnect after OpenWrt reboot until the other end is restarted

I have a unique setup where 2 dhcp wan links are isolated in seperate routing tables, and then 2 wireguard tunnels connect across each isp to the same vps ip.

This works pretty well, for days/weeks. But one issue i keep having is that if openwrt is rebooted, neither of the tunnels come up until the other end of the wireguard is rebooted.

I would normally thi l this is an issue on the device that needs to be rebooted, however i have a suspicion that the routing tables/rules arent properly locked down to the firewall mark of the wireguard tunnel, so reply packets from the vps get misrouted and dropped.

Does anyone have a suggestion why this might be an issue

Do you have keepalive packets turned on?

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Yes i have keepalive turned on. Originally i had both ends, but recently turned them off the remote end.

Both wan connections are behind cgnat, so i assume these are important, but maybe not since i also send ospf hellos wvwr 60sec

Turning off keep alive resolves the issue, the system connects as painlessly as a raw native internet connection.

How frustrating and counterintuitive, i resisted turning it off this whole time because the theory of NAT sessions told me it was essential.

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